Connection error in Fall Guys explained

Can't you see the queue outside of the servers?

Image via Mediatonic

Fall Guys is the hottest party game of the summer that features battle royale-like characteristics. Each match features 60 players, and those who fall behind get eliminated.

A game sky-rocketing to fame upon its release is a double-edged sword, however. Fall Guys‘ developers likely weren’t expecting this much of a turnout, resulting in constant server issues since its release.

One of the issues that prevent players from joining a game is a pop-up that reads “Connection error- Connection to the server timed out, please check the settings and try again.”

How to fix the “Connection to the Server Timed Out” error in Fall Guys?

While the error tells players to check their settings, it’s unclear which setting it refers to. Regardless of what it says, this error is caused by overloaded servers, which makes finding a game an impossible task. This error is a server issue most of the time, and the best thing you can do is to check the official social media accounts of Fall Guys for any server-related updates.

Though you’ll need to wait for Mediatonic to fix its servers, you can try re-launching the game if you’re dying to get a taste of the new jelly bean mayhem of a battle royale. Completely exiting out of Steam is also recommended before getting back into the game to increase your chances.

Re-logging into the game fixes another variant of this error, which causes players to get stuck on the loading screen. If you’re receiving the error after waiting over five minutes on the “finding a match” screen, it means your Fall Guy may have gotten trapped in another lobby.

Players join in and out of games, depending on how fast they get eliminated in a match. Sometimes your character may stay in a lobby even though you follow the proper procedure, so a quick re-log can get your jelly bean out of a bugged lobby.

You can also reset your router, PC, and console as an extreme measure, which should completely fix any connection-related issues on your side.

If nothing above seems to work, the issue may have deeper roots than you might think. Contacting Steam SupportPlayStation Help Center, or Mediatonic can net you faster results and help the developer or distribution services pinpoint the issue.

Make sure to include all the solutions you’ve tried out so far in your support ticket to narrow down the possibilities for the support staff.