A Higher Class of Criminal could be nerfed in Dota Underlords

The item is a bit too strong in the current meta.

Image via Valve

Dota Underlords fans have received lots of spoilers about changes coming in the next few game updates, and one of them will affect a strong late-game item.

Valve developer Finol said Underlords developers could nerf or remove the global item A Higher Class of Criminal, although they’re not sure exactly how or when. He said in the Underlords Discord server that the team is “thinking it over,” which, despite not being a confirmation, means that the item might be a bit stronger than Valve wanted it to be.

Players with A Higher Class of Criminal are offered units in their shop as if their player level was one level higher. This allows them to get high-tier units sooner than usual, such as finding tier-five units on level seven instead of eight and reaching 12-percent odds of finding them at player level 10, since the game would consider the player to be at an inexistent level 11.

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A Higher Class of Criminal is strong because of the current Underlords meta. Most players are building their boards around synergies in the mid game but ditching some of them in the late game to use strong tier-five units like Enigma and Techies. With this item, players can build a strong late game with tier-five units easier and faster than their opponents, which is a huge advantage.

Since Valve is considering a nerf or the removal of A Higher Class of Criminal, it could mean that the company doesn’t intend to tone down the power level of tier-five units too much. If it did, nerfing the item wouldn’t be critical.

But from what Finol said, it will still take a while until the item sees any changes. Until then, it will continue to be a key item for those going for a late-game strategy focused on strong units rather than synergies.