All Dota Underlords unit odds by hero tier and player level

Do you know when you start getting tier four units?

Image via Valve

The Dota Underlords update on June 27 added a great feature to the units shop that shows how likely you are to find a hero from each tier in the shop for every level.

Most Underlords players might have noticed that the higher your level, the higher the rarity, or tier, of the heroes that appear in your units shop. They might see that it’s impossible to find a Legendary unit like Techies, for instance, before round eight, and that it’s way easier to get one on levels nine and 10. The downside is that units of low rarities become less available, which means it becomes harder to level them up if you still have them on your board.

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With the help of that new tooltip Valve added to the game, we put together the odds of finding units at all levels in Underlords. We also added the odds for being level 10 and having the bonus from the global item Higher Class Criminal, which makes the shop offer you units as if you were one level above. In this case, the game calculates what the odds would be at a non-existent level 11.

The levels in which high-rarity units start appearing in the shop are the ones any Underlords players must remember when they’re in a match. This is essential if you want to know how far you must level up to develop your board and maybe get that last Epic or Legendary unit you need. 

Odds variation

Here’s a chart we made that shows you how the odds of getting a unit from each tier varies as you rank up. The last change was made after the July 4 update.

Image by Bhernardo Viana
LevelTier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4Tier 5

Key levels

These are the levels when each tier of unit starts appearing in the Underlords units shop. Keep them in mind to develop your gameplan properly and know when to level up.

Unit TierAppears on player level
1 (common)1
2 (uncommon)2
3 (rare)3
4 (epic)5
5 (legendary)8

We’ll keep this story updated with any changes to unit odds in Underlords.