The Comedian god roll and best perks in Destiny 2

Hint: it has Vorpal.

Screengrab via Bungie

The Comedian is coming back from Destiny to the sequel and it’s bringing in a series of perks that will make it less of a dad joke and more of a killing joke. It drops from Nightfalls when it’s in rotation and brings several options to choose from. A few stand out from the rest in a god roll, though.

Here are our favorite picks for The Comedian’s god roll:

  • Barrel: Full Choke, Smallbore, Corkscrew Rifling.
  • Magazine: Assault Mag, Appended Mag, Tactical Mag, or Accurized Rounds (for increased magazine size or range).
  • First Perk: Subsistence or Ensemble (Honorable mentions: Lead from Gold, Genesis).
  • Second Perk: Vorpal Weapon or Trench Barrel.

Getting a god roll for any weapon, however, depends on personal preference, availability, and sometimes on RNG. Players can easily ditch a so-called “optimal” weapon with good perks because it has a lengthy reload, for instance, or seek out utility-based perks that improve the overall feel of the weapon.

Here’s a breakdown of The Comedian’s perks so you know what to chase—and what to consider dismantling.

First perk column


The Comedian is the first shotgun in Destiny 2 to roll Subsistence. Make use of it. With this roll, kills will partially refill your magazine and keep the bullets flying as long as you can keep the kills running. For PvE, this one should be your go-to.


This new perk improves handling and reload speed when allies are near. With The Comedian’s slow reload, it’s a boon. This can help your damage output and could be a lifesaver in the Crucible. It also has a decent range before it triggers and you’ll see the buff come up on your screen when you want it.

Lead from Gold/Genesis

These utility perks will help with ammo management. Since The Comedian doesn’t really bring any absolutely necessary rolls in the first column, these two can end up getting a spot at the top. Lead from Gold will grant you Special ammo whenever you pick up heavy and Genesis will regenerate some ammo upon breaking a shield with the matching element.

Hip-Fire Grip

This perk will vastly improve your aim assist when hip firing. It sits far from the top of the pack, but it’s solid, reliable, and easy to proc. It won’t be your go-to choice, but it’s not necessarily a reason to dismantle the gun either.

Bottomless Grief

Since The Comedian is a Nightfall weapon, it comes with Bottomless Grief, which brings a flat magazine increase and refills your magazine on kills when you’re the last member of your squad alive. For the most part, treat it as if it was just an extra magazine roll. It’s not enough to dismantle on its own, especially if the second perk is good, but it won’t be the redeeming feature on a roll either.

Second perk column

Vorpal Weapon or Trench Barrel

Vorpal Weapon is a perk worth chasing in most Special and Heavy ammo weapons—and The Comedian is no exception. It’s a flat damage buff that triggers against challenging enemies and it’s hard to go wrong with it.

Trench Barrel is a bigger damage boost if you melee and it’s also a welcome perk. Choosing between the two is mostly a matter of taste, though Vorpal has no activation.

One for All, Thresh, Adrenaline Junkie, Unrelenting

One for All feels awkward on a shotgun, especially with The Comedian’s base four-round magazine and slow reload. It’s a significant buff, but you may not see that often. The same is true for Adrenaline Junkie: Since it triggers with grenades, it won’t have much uptime.

Thresh works for some extra Super energy, but it usually works better on a primary or on your workhorse gun. Unrelenting will regen your health and it’s a handy perk, but hardly enough to justify picking it over Vorpal. When it comes to these, go with whichever ones you like better—or dislike the least.