How to fix the Loom not working bug in Destiny 2

Pay Ada-1 a visit and you'll come out with a new outfit.

Image via Bungie

For some Destiny 2 players, fashion is the true endgame. In Season of the Splicer, Bungie added a new way for players to tweak their look just how they want. The Armor Synthesis system is a take on the established transmog feature, and it lets guardians transform their favorite looks into Universal Ornaments that can go into any piece of non-Exotic armor.

To create an Ornament, players will have to complete a bounty from Ada-1, then turn the materials into resources they can actually use with a little help from Ada-1 and her Loom. Bounties and items, however, are capped at 10 bounty completions per class per season, and the maximum number of templates players can hold is 15.

With the launch of The Witch Queen, though, players reported that the Loom was bugged. The game was preventing players from using the Loom and interacting with it, especially when trying to deposit multiple Synthcords in a row. Bungie is investigating the issue, according to its Known Issues page.

If your Loom isn’t working, make sure to check that you don’t have the maximum amount of Synthweave Templates on your character. If you’re holding 15 of the corresponding material, the Loom will refuse to work. Instead, you’ll receive a brief message on the left-hand corner of your screen. Unlike Synthcord, Templates can’t go to the Postmaster, so the game doesn’t outright give you the resource when you’re at capacity and the Loom doesn’t work when that’s the case.

Screengrab via Bungie

If you don’t have the maximum number of Synthweave Templates and the Loom is still not working, then you’ve likely encountered the bug Bungie mentioned. Players trying to deposit multiple Synthcords sometimes can’t deposit them all at once, and Bungie’s temporary solution is to port back to Orbit and teleport to the Loom again.

Additionally, as an edge case, some players can’t deposit their Synthcord at all. In those cases, there seems to be no alternative other than waiting until developers come up with a fix.