How to complete the ‘Ensemble’s Refrain’ challenge in Destiny 2

Get ready to drop the relic during the Atheon fight—and pick it up quickly.

Image via Bungie

Most raid challenges in Destiny 2 will force a team to play far outside of their comfort zone. The Ensemble’s Refrain, on the other hand, can easily fit in a normal run of Vault of Glass, as long as everyone inside the portal keeps track of their responsibilities.

Much like the Oracles challenge, players inside the portal can’t break more than one Oracle per round. In practice, this means that the relic holder has to drop the shield and dish out some damage.

How to complete the Ensemble’s Refrain challenge

To finish the challenge, each Guardian will have to care care of their own Oracle, including the Relic bearer. It also means that all players should have at least one weapon for destroying Oracles—Xenophage, snipers, or even a scout will do.

Once inside the portal, guardians will move normally and decide who will shoot first, second, and third. It’s easier if the relic holder takes the last Oracle, for some extra time to cleanse teammates or refill ability energy.

The shield bearer’s ability energy will reset whenever they pick the Relic back up, which creates a small delay before they can cleanse. Luckily for Guardians, there is a fairly generous window to shoot Oracles before the encounter fails, enough to possibly throw in another cleanse if necessary.

All in all, Ensemble’s Refrain is a fairly uneventful challenge. It should go fairly smoothly as long as the entire fireteam is accustomed to the Atheon boss fight and players have a loadout that allows guardians to easily shoot Oracles and deal damage to Atheon. After all, fewer damage phases mean less room for error.