Full missions list for Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

You can't tell the story of how Savathûn stole the Light too quickly.

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen campaign is the most significant narrative in the franchise since the Guardian communed with the Darkness to use Stasis. The campaign brings a series of revelations about Light and Darkness and sets out to answer a burning question on everyone’s minds since The Witch Queen was revealed: How did Savathûn steal the Light?

With such a tremendous amount of storytelling to go, players can expect a fairly long campaign, with new mission mechanics reminiscent of raids and dungeons. Players can face major encounters during each mission, which start from a Rally Banner and finish with a chest spawning in and dropping loot. This means guardians can find something useful mid-mission and they have more of a chance to find gear and get a Power Level boost almost without having to stop shooting.

The Witch Queen has eight story missions, not counting minor missions that take place throughout the campaign and are needed to progress the story. Here are all the missions in Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen and their recommended Power Level.

  • The Arrival (1360)
  • The Investigation (1360)
  • The Ghosts (1370)
  • The Communion (1420)
  • The Mirror (1420)
  • The Cunning (1440)
  • The Last Chance (1490)
  • The Ritual (1500)

Players can replay completed campaign missions at any time through a specific node and they can also change difficulties. The Witch Queen is the first expansion to offer a Legend version of the campaign, with harder missions and more loot, including special rewards for finishing all missions on Legend—the most important of which is a set of 1520 gear, which will give players a boost toward the Powerful cap.