Destiny 2 crossplay: When it’s coming and how it works

Crossplay for Destiny 2 is right around the corner.

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2‘s 15th season, Season of the Lost, has now arrived. With it arrives a feature that’s been noticeably missing for years now: crossplay. With rich player bases on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, as well as Google Stadia, the goal for the team at Bungie has been to unite all of its players under one ecosystem.

Players have had access to the cross-save features for some time now, so players who have the game on multiple systems had a method of playing with friends who just had one. But now, players will be able to use their platform of choice while playing with friends on another.

The long wait for Destiny 2 players is over.

When is Destiny 2 crossplay coming?

“Crossplay is coming to the masses in Season 15,” according to a lengthy official update post from the Destiny dev team at Bungie. There will be “some internal rollouts and alpha tests in Season 14 to prepare for a widespread launch.”

Crossplay was added on Aug. 24, with the launch of Season 15, Season of the Lost.

How will Destiny 2’s crossplay work?

Players on all platforms will be able to play Destiny 2 activities together beginning season 15. To accomplish this, players will have to have their accounts directly linked to their Bungie accounts, so players using Steam, Xbox Live, and other services will all have a common service linking them together. Right now, players don’t technically need to have their accounts linked to Bungie, but they will if they want to participate in crossplay.

With Bungie’s self-described focus on inter-generational play, PS4 and PS5 users, as well as Xbox One and Xbox Series X players, will all be able to participate in crossplay in addition to PC players. The cross-save feature makes it so players upgrading their consoles won’t lose any progress.

For Crucible players worried about playing against the other platforms, Bungie has a solution. Bungie “won’t be matching console and PC players together in the Crucible unless PC players specifically invite their console friends to play with them in the PC Crucible pools.” In the Crucible, PC players will play against PC players and console players will play against other console players.