YNk disagrees with CS:GO orgs moving banned coaches to analyst role

YNk pointed fingers at Heroic and ENCE for maintaining HUNDEN and Twista, respectively.

Photo via BLAST Pro Series

FaZe Clan’s CS:GO head coach Janko “YNk” Paunović is unhappy with how esports organizations are handling the coaching bug scandal.

The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) suspended 37 CS:GO coaches on Monday, Sept. 28 for abusing the coach spectating bug. And since then, some organizations, such as Heroic and ENCE, have decided to maintain ties with their banned coaches.

YNk can’t believe that orgs like Heroic and ENCE have just moved Nicolai “HUNDEN” Petersen and Slaava “⁠Twista⁠” Räsänen, respectively, to an analyst role while they’re banned for using the bug on multiple occasions.

“I’m all for giving people second chances but you also need to face the consequences for what you’ve done,” YNk wrote on Twitter. The 28-year-old thinks those who were banned should fulfill their suspensions away from the competitive scene and come back later to get another opportunity to redeem themselves.

“And yes, I’m first and foremost talking about Heroic and ENCE, both Twista and HUNDEN were obviously huge factors to the success of their teams and are now “analysts” for the duration of the ban,” YNk said. The Serbian argued that he has nothing against HUNDEN and Twista personally, but said they “smeared the whole scene” and the coaching profession.

The suspended coaches can continue to work with their teams but they can’t communicate with the squad from 15 minutes prior to the start of a match until it ends, can’t be physically present around them during that same time frame, can’t join the match server, and can’t participate in the veto process.

Those sanctions, however, leave space for them to work as analysts, which triggered YNk’s tweets. The investigation has been handled by ESIC and tournament organizers, but Valve has yet to issue a statement about the banned coaches.