The 5 best stickers to buy in CS:GO

Your weapon deserves the best.

Image via Valve

Being good at CS:GO is one thing but owning every match you play in style is another. In addition to working their way up CS: GO’s ranking system, most players also try to add as many skins as possible to their collection.

Though most skins come in different rarities to make them all unique, you can always further customize your weapons with the help of stickers. With countless events and content patches in the books for the game, there are a lot of stickers on the market, making it difficult for players to choose which one they should slap on their favorite weapons.

Some stickers will focus on looks and feature cool designs, while others may serve as souvenirs. Combining tournament stickers with your favorite teams can serve as a decent memorial of their performance in the event.

How to buy stickers in CS:GO

Like all in-game cosmetics in CS:GO, stickers can be purchased off Steam’s community market or in-game offers.

If you don’t have enough funds in your Steam Wallet to use the community market, you can either sell some of the items that you don’t use or top up your wallet with a credit card.

Can you remove a sticker in CS:GO?

Yes, stickers can be removed via the scraping feature. To scrape a sticker, players will need to left-click on the weapon in their CS:GO inventory and click on “Scrape Sticker.” After that, you’ll just need to pick the sticker that you’d like to scrape.

Once a sticker gets scraped enough, players will see the “Remove Sticker” option, which can be used to completely remove a sticker.

Can you move a sticker in CS:GO?

No, stickers can’t be moved after being applied in CS:GO. You’ll have the option to scrape and remove a sticker, however, and you can replace it with a new one after removing it.

The best stickers to purchase in CS:GO

Great Wave (Holo)

Great Wave Holo – Image via Valve

Every player has a comfort weapon. Even if it’s considered a bad pick in the current meta, you may start surfing around the map and take down players after picking it up. 

The Holo version of the Great Wave can be an excellent addition to your favorite weapon if the description above suits you. This sticker featured a collapsing wave and colorized it in the most stunning way possible.

Great Wave (Holo) can be purchased off the Steam community market and its price averages around $1.4 and $3.6.

Global Elite (Foil)

Global Elite Foil – Image via Valve

Everyone wants to make it to Global Elite, but it’s only reserved for the best of the best. Like how you can buy replica trophies in real life, you can get a Global Elite sticker to go with your weapon of choice.

Though you won’t magically become a Global Elite player overnight, the sticker’s presence on your weapon can give you a nice confidence boost when you need it.

Players can purchase the Global Elite (Foil) on the Steam community market for around $10.5 and $14.

Dragon Lore (Foil)

Dragon Lore Foil – Image via Valve

The Dragon Lore has been one of the best and most known skins in CS:GO. The skin became quite popular due to its design and due to the fact that it was used by some of the best CS:GO players of all time.

The Dragon Lore (Foil) sticker features the iconic dragon in its full glory, and it can be purchased on the Steam community market. The sticker’s price generally averages around $11 and $16.

Bite Me (Foil)

Bite Me Foil – Image via Valve

You can always banter with your team via the in-game chat, but there are more ways to communicate with your teammates. Even if you’re the kindest player in CS:GO, you’ll eventually find yourself in arguments while playing the game. A weapon selection or an in-game mistake can spark such debates, and you may not need to say anything if you have the Bite Me sticker to deliver the message for you.

The Bite Me (Foil) sticker is listed on the Steam community market, and its price averages around $1.9 and $3.

Unicorn (Holo)

Unicorn Holo – Image via Valve

A CS:GO match can be filled with many surprises. You can pull off the most unexpected clutch or witness an epic around that feels like it could only happen in tournaments. If you happen to find yourself in these unicorn moments one too many times, you can slap this sticker for all the montage-worthy moments you’ve been through.

The Unicorn (Holo) sticker auctions for around $3.6 to $5 on the Steam community market.