Lekr0 reportedly joins North

North has reportedly agreed to pay what NiP asked for Lekr0.

Photo via DreamHack

North has reached an agreement with Ninjas in Pyjamas to sign CS:GO player Lekr0, according to a report by HLTV.

HLTV expects the deal to be confirmed in the next few days. Lekr0 will likely make his debut under North’s banner at the tournament Nine to Five three next week, which will feature teams like MIBR, Heroic, forZe, and Team Spirit.

Lekr0 has been on NiP’s bench since May, when he was replaced by Hampus Poser. The 27-year-old spent almost two years with the Ninjas and he was their captain for most of the time. Although NiP failed to win any big tournaments during Lekr0’s stint, he helped them qualify for the FACEIT London Major in September 2018, which was NiP’s first Major in two years.

Lekr0 has played with Swedish teams throughout his entire career, having played for organizations such as Fnatic and GODSENT aside from NiP. He was reportedly close to signing with MAD Lions last month, but the deal reportedly fell through because Lekr0 rejected MAD Lions’ offer. North has been negotiating with NiP for a long time and has finally agreed to pay what NiP wants, according to HLTV’s report.

If the deal is confirmed, Lekr0 will replace Kjaerbye in North’s starting lineup. The Danish star mutually parted ways with North in July and signed with FaZe last week. Lekr0 won’t have to be the shot caller since North already has a dedicated in-game leader in MSL. He could potentially return to a main rifler role.

It’s unclear, however, if North will switch their in-game communication from Danish to English to accomodate Lekr0. Danish and Swedish are similar languages, but Lekr0 may need some time to fully understand and speak Danish.