MAD Lions reportedly in talks with Lekr0 to replace Bubzkji

This would be Lekr0's first time on a non-Swedish team.

Photo via DreamHack

MAD Lions is negotiating with Swedish rifler Jonas “Lekr0” Olofsson to potentially replace one of the best players on its CS:GO roster, Lucas “Bubzkji” Andersen, according to a report by Jarek “DeKay” Lewis.

Bubzkji was reportedly benched in June, but MAD Lions denied this the next day and said the roster was under review. Bubzkji’s alleged benching surprised the CS:GO community since he’s had a 1.17 average rating over the last three months, according to HLTV stats, and helped his team win Flashpoint season one in April.

Lekr0, on the other hand, has been on Ninjas in Pyjamas’ bench since the organization replaced him with Hampus Poser in May. Although MAD Lions has a full-Danish lineup at the moment, the org doesn’t believe that Lekr0 would have communication issues with the rest of the team, according to DeKay.

If this roster move is confirmed, Lekr0 would no longer play as the in-game leader, a function that he started serving after some months with NiP in 2018. The 27-year-old was unable to lead NiP to any tournament wins during his stint with the org, but he’s been playing with the top Swedish teams since 2016, including NiP, Fnatic, and GODSENT.

Many teams have reportedly approached Lekr0 since he was benched. But according to DeKay, MAD Lions will most likely secure his services. MAD Lions will return to the servers next month after the CS:GO player break ends.

Although MAD Lions established themselves as a top-20 CS:GO team in the world, they have almost no chance to qualify for the ESL One Rio Major in November since they didn’t attend ESL One: Road to Rio, the first Regional Major Ranking (RMR) tournament, and didn’t qualify for cs_summit six, the second RMR tournament, last month.