How to get cases in CS:GO

There's not much to it.

Image via Valve

Opening cases in CS:GO is one of the most fun activities you can do in the game.

From one of the most prestigious skins in the game to a more common one, the thrill of opening cases should never be underestimated. Unfortunately, players won’t often get luxurious loot from opening cases, but the feeling of opening a case to find a knife is tough to describe.

There are currently hundreds of different skins for every available weapon in the game. Some of them have their name written in gray or blue, which means they are more common. Others, like purple, red, and pink, are very rare and are usually given to popular weapons like AK-47, AWP, and the Desert Eagle.

Players might also get a gold drop from a case, which, depending on what case they are opening, will mean they will get a random knife or gloves skin.

Every skin also has its own degradation rate. The skins with the worst quality are “Battle-Scarred,” while the best are “Factory New.”

How to get cases in CS:GO

There are a few ways to get cases in CS:GO. The simplest and most expensive way is to buy them from other players via the Steam market. The prices, however, vary depending on how rare the case is, and what skins it contains. Therefore, some of them may set you back a lot.

A much cheaper way to get cases is to simply play the game. Every player can get them at the end of each game, independently of whether it’s a matchmaking game, casual, wingman mode, or even a match on one of the custom servers. These drops are rare, though, so you’d need to sink a lot of hours into the game to get them.

Some cases are obtainable via completing missions of various operations that are added to CS:GO. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to replay operations from the past, so players will need to wait for the next one to come around.

There is also one other way to get your hands on exclusive cases. To do so, players need to obtain a viewer pass for a Major tournament and then complete Pick’Em challenges. The next Major on the is IEM Rio Major 2022, which begins on Oct. 31.