FACEIT reveals a “new CS:GO league” is coming in March, includes Semmler and Montecristo

Monte will be a 'special guest.'

Sometimes, it’s good to start fresh. FACEIT certainly seems to think so, considering it announced a “new CS:GO league” is coming in March. That league will also feature many of the familiar faces and voices CS:GO fans have come to know and love.

As a part of the league announcement, FACEIT revealed the broadcast talent team, which includes former Overwatch League commentators Auguste “Semmler” Massonnat and Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles. Semmler, who spent many years as the broadcast partner of Anders Blume, who was also included in the announcement, is no strange face to CS:GO.

But MonteCristo, a popular League commentator who became a full-time Overwatch caster around the time the Overwatch League began, has never professionally commentated CS:GO. Monte, who was marked as a ‘special guest’ during the FACEIT video, will likely stick to desk work when he does make appearances, something he suggested earlier in the month if he were to branch into CS:GO.

Other talent included in the league include Jason “Moses” O’Toole, James Bardolph, Daniel “DDK” Kapadia, Freya Spiers, Sean Gares, and Duncan “Thorin” Shields.

Earlier in the week, Jarek “DeKay” Lewis reported FACEIT was ceasing operations for the Esports Championship Series and shifting focus to the production of B Site Inc.’s North American league.