ELEAGUE Group E Day Three Recap

Here is how the semifinals of ELEAGUE Group E went down.

Natus Vincere and FlipSid3 will move onto the Turner and WME|IMG’s ELEAGUE Group E finals Friday night on TBS after stunning performances in the semifinals earlier today.

NaVi and FlipSid3 both finished their matches in two maps to push to the finals.

In the first semifinal between Na’Vi and Echo Fox, the series seemed to be the first one-sided matchup for the week. The Eastern European team held strong against the North Americans in the best of three to push themselves to an overwhelming 2-0 finish.

Though the scoreline of 16-9 may suggest the game was close, Echo Fox struggled against Na’Vi on Nuke. Just yesterday, Echo Fox held strong against FlipSid3 Tactics on the recently reinstated map, but the power of Na’Vi as a whole controlled the map.

As many would expect, Na’Vi also excelled on Overpass in the second map. Echo Fox only picked up four rounds in the first half on their terrorist side. In the second half, Na’Vi bombarded the North American team to finish the game 16-4.

In the second semifinal, FlipSid3 finished mousesports off in two maps. Mousesports did attempt to come back in both matches, but neither try was enough.

In the first map, Overpass, FlipSid3 took seven rounds on the counter-terrorist side before mousesports was able to take its first round. Mousesports played better into the second half and brought their rounds up to nine, however, FlipSid3 closed out the game with a 16-9 win.

Cache once again was held by FlipSid3 for the majority of the game. The first half ended 11-4 as FlipSid3 turned the meta of the map being counter-terrorist sided on its head. Mousesports did attempt to come back in the second half and showed strong strategy, but it was FlipSid3 who pushed the game to 16-9.

Will NaVi take the title of kings of ELEAGUE Group E or will FlipSid3 come out on top? Either way, both teams will play again either in the last-chance qualifier or the playoffs later in the season.

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