Astralis demolish NRG to advance to StarLadder Berlin Major grand finals

Astralis has the chance to become the only team to win four CS:GO Majors.

Photo via StarLadder

Astralis defeated NRG 2-0 today at the StarLadder Berlin Major semifinals.

The Danes are showing signs of their former selves from 2018, when they were an unbeatable team for most part of the year. Astralis couldn’t start Train in a better way as Nicolai “device” Reedtz stole the pistol round with a one-vs-three clutch. Andreas “Xyp9x” Højsleth stood out as the best player in the server, though. The clutch-minister finished with 24 kills and had a few triple kills during the 16-10 victory.

Overpass were pretty much the same as Astralis won seven rounds in a row in the first half, this time playing as terrorists. They read NRG like a book and forced the North American side to commit a lot of mistakes. Vincent “Brehze” Cayonte fought until the end and finished with 29 kills, but couldn’t help NRG to avoid elimination as Astralis won 16-9.

Astralis are on their way to play their fourth Major grand finals since they signed Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander in October 2016, making him the arguably best leader that CS:GO has ever had. If Astralis defeat AVANGAR tomorrow, they will be the only team to have won four Major championships, with three of them in a row.

NRG saw a much better campaign at this Major than in previous years as they made into the semifinals and played great Counter-Strike at the New Legends Stage. The team is evolving under Peter “stanislaw” Jarguz leadership but still needs more to win a big tournament and compete against the likes of Astralis or Team Liquid.

Astralis and AVANGAR will play the grand finals tomorrow at 11am CT. You can keep up with the StarLadder Berlin Major playoff results here.