100 Thieves to officially exit CS:GO after IEM New York Online

All of the rumors were true.

Image via 100 Thieves

100 Thieves is officially leaving the competitive CS:GO scene, CEO Nadeshot announced today. He cited complications with travel, a focus on European events, and COVID-19 as the main reasons behind the move. 

As one of the biggest organizations in North America, this is a big blow to CS:GO in the region. But as Nadeshot said in the announcement, continuing as they were just didn’t make sense for the players or the organization. 

One of the main reasons behind 100T exiting the scene is the inability to make proper roster moves and transfers because of how it would impact the team’s performance and potentially hinder their ability to participate in events due to the point system. And outside of star rifler jks, the roster has looked flat even before COVID limited where they could compete. 

Jks is reportedly set to move to Complexity’s roster following the removal of oBo last month and the team’s former head coach already parted ways with 100T and joined NRG to coach its VALORANT roster on Oct. 5. The organization says it’s working to find a home for all of its players so they can continue to compete now that they’re no longer with 100T. 

This will be 100T’s second time shutting down its CS:GO division, first with its original Brazillian roster in 2018 and now with this Oceanic iteration. And according to Nadeshot, they might try to re-enter to competition in the future, but it just doesn’t make sense for 100T to do so right now. 

“We might find ourselves in this community and a part of this game again with another iteration of a roster,” Nadeshot said. “There is just too much ambiguity, too much vagueness, and too much uncertainty for us to be a part of it right now.”

The team will officially disband after Intel Extreme Masters XV – New York Online, which is set to end on Oct. 18.