Chet retires from CS:GO to coach professional VALORANT

Chet coached several CS:GO teams, such as CLG, OpTic Gaming, NRG, Evil Geniuses, and 100 Thieves.

Photo via StarLadder

North American coach Chet Singh, previously known as ImAPet, has retired from competitive CS:GO to transition to Riot Games’ FPS VALORANT, he and his former team 100 Thieves announced today.

This news comes one week after the move was reported by Jarek “DeKay” Lewis. Chet parts ways with 100 Thieves just one day after he helped the Australian team grab a runners-up finish at ESL Pro League season 12 North America.

“Today I retire from competitive CS:GO. A decision I’ve thought about for a while,” Chet wrote on Twitter. The 24-year-old said he’ll maybe come back to CS:GO one day since the game did a lot for him. 100 Thieves released Chet from his coaching duties with immediate effect.

Chet had been a part of 100 Thieves since the organization brought him on in May to replace Aleksandar “kassad” Trifunović. The roster change, however, wasn’t enough to do wonders for 100 Thieves and their best result throughout 2020 came when they reached the EPL season 12 grand finals.

Aside from 100 Thieves, Chet coached several North American CS:GO teams, starting with CLG in 2016, then moving to OpTic Gaming in 2017. Chet is perhaps most known for his job with the NRG roster between 2018 and 2019, the year when Evil Geniuses acquired stanislaw and crew. The 24-year-old helped EG become the best CS:GO team in the world for a short period at the end of 2019 when the North Americans won ESL One New York and StarSeries i-League season eight between September and October.

It’s unknown what VALORANT team will hire Chet at this point, but his transition is already meaningful since Chet is the first high-profile CS:GO coach to switch over to VALORANT.