MW2 players demand revamps for CoD guns lost to time, including one famed rifle

No, it isn't the MW2 grenade launcher.

Three soldiers holding weapons in the shadow of a sunset in a desert, moving low in Call of Duty.
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Call of Duty officially turns 20 this October, and over the years, certain weapons have become engrained in fans’ memories—for good and bad reasons—and today players are demanding these old-time classics make long-awaited returns.

Players came together on July 2 to discuss which guns have remained on their minds from titles long ago and why they deserve a reissue in CoD today, particularly in Warzone, DMZ, and the modern Modern Warfare 2 rerelease. On top of the pile, one weapon was far and away a fan favorite among many.

At the top of the Christmas list, fans are frothing for the return of the G36C. The assault rifle landed in players’ hands in Call of Duty 4 in Nov. 2007 and was last seen in Modern Warfare 3 in 2011. A decade on, players want it back in modern CoD.

The G36C was classed as an assault rifle back in CoD 4 and Modern Warfare 2 (2009) but with the fastest draw time of its class and a hip fire spread equalling that of the submachine guns, it was an extremely mobile and deadly weapon beloved by many.

Oddly, the G36C, or any variant of the G36 for that matter, was absent from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in 2019 which saw the return of many weapons from the original CoD 4 title. The FAMAS was one such weapon, featuring heavily in both the Modern Warfare and Black Ops versions of the popular franchise.

However, the burst rifle hasn’t made it to MW2 yet—and players are champing at the bit to get their hands on it once again. A staple during the “Noob Tube” days, it was incredibly accurate and effective at range and had the cleanest iron sights out of any assault rifle, meaning a freed-up attachment option.

It was incredibly efficient when used in Hardcore modes, with just two of the three-bullet burst needed to find a kill. At this time, the only burst rifle in MW2 is the M16, leaving many unsatisfied and nostalgic for the FAMAS of old.

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While on rifles, a number of fans in the thread couldn’t help but bring up the MW2 2009 laser, the ACR. While the gun lacked raw damage, adding a foregrip all but negated the recoil, turning it into an incredibly accurate killing machine. While the weapon has returned as the ISO Hemlock in MW2 with season four, players say it’s just not the same.

Finally, the franchise has seen its fair share of iconic sniper rifles, with fans overjoyed at the return of the “Intervention” as the FJX Imperium in MW2’s Season Three—but others still wish for a comeback for the iconic Kar98k.

The Kar98k is a staple in CoD, particularly for scenes set during WW2, and has been seen in both Black Ops Zombies and CoD: Mobile. Many have tried to emulate the weapon using MW2’s marksman rifles and a variety of attachments, but none have come close to mirroring the power the Kar98k possessed over the years.

A fan did point out, these weapons may be coming in future updates, but nevertheless, the CoD devs can be assured demand for the classics will always be there.


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