Merk joins Team EnvyUs

Merk leaves Optic Gaming to join Team EnVyUs

In news that a lot of people have predicted, Joey “Merk” Deluca has joined Team EnvyUs as their fourth player. He will join the current nV lineup of Jordan “Proofy” Cannon, Raymond “Rambo” Lussier and Damon “Karma” Barlow.

No doubt with the Merk addition EnvyUs are thinking long term, as with Call of Duty Ghosts on the way the game might revert back to the 2 Assault Rifles setup, which could fit Proofy & Merk very well.

Upon announcing the news, the official nV Twitter had this to say


Merk, on joining nV tweeted this out

As we approach the end of the Black Ops 2 season it will be very interesting to see how EnvyUs do as they get ready for Gfinity’s G2 in London October 12-13, UMG Dallas October 18-20 and MLG Columbus November 22-24.


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