Infinity Ward has no plans to change Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s mini-map

Devs continue to defend their decisions.

Image via Activision

Popular Call of Duty YouTuber Swagg recently went to Infinity Ward’s studios to try out the upcoming season of Modern Warfare multiplayer content and chat with developers. Swagg posted a video yesterday talking about his trip and his discussion with the design director for Infinity Ward, Joe Cecot.

The YouTuber talked with Cecot about upcoming updates to MW and asked about Infinity Ward’s controversial mini-map change.

The design director told the YouTuber that there are no plans to change the mini-map and the design is working as intended.

Cecot explained that the development team wanted UAVs to be more of a reward, which in turn caters to the casual community. Swagg offered a rebuttal by asking why Ghost is so powerful. Cecot said the team would look into it, but won’t change the mini-map design.

Ghost is a tier-two perk in MW that allows players to remain invisible to UAVs, Personal Radars, Heartbeat Sensors, and Snapshot Grenades.

Infinity Ward has hinted that a huge update is in the works and will offer a nerf to the Riot Shield, kill feed adjustments, and more.