Infinity Ward developers highlight potential changes coming to Modern Warfare

Riot shields, kill feed, and more adjustments.

Image via Activision

Two Infinity Ward developers working on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare responded to a few fan posts yesterday to confirm a number of changes arriving with the next update.

Fans have been waiting for the “big update” for Modern Warfare since developers informed fans that perk, private match, and weapon fixes were incoming.

Players have been complaining that Riot Shields award virtual immunity to explosives, especially Semtex grenades. Joe Cecot, the co-design director of multiplayer, revealed that Riot Shields will be nerfed.

Cecot also said that the kill feed will remove messages about players leveling up and avenging teammates to avoid bottlenecking issues. He noted that the kill feed adjustment may not make it into the next update since the developers are still working out the kinks.

Call of Duty fans have also been complaining about how loud the VTOL Jet and Precision Airstrike killstreaks are. And Cecot commented that the team is looking into that issue.

Ashton “Vulcan” Williams, senior communications manager at Infinity Ward, commented on a video posted by a player who was booted from his Gunfight game without being able to play in the final round of a tournament. The developer is “looking into” this issue.

Infinity Ward hasn’t issued a release date for the next update, but it seems like it’ll be coming this week in preparation for Thanksgiving weekend.