Huke benched, TJHaLy back in Los Angeles Thieves’ starting lineup ahead of Call of Duty League Stage 4

The team hopes to pick up where they left off with TJHaLy in the lineup.

Screengrab via LA Thieves

Huke, who was recently acquired by the Los Angeles Thieves and subsequently replaced TJHaLy in the Thieves’ starting lineup, has apparently been benched.

LAT announced today their starting lineup for Stage Four of the Call of Duty League will be Kenny, Drazah, Vxnxm, and TJHaLy, leaving Huke, who played four matches with the team, on the bench.

“We haven’t been seeing the same level of consistency as a team.” LAT head coach JKap said. “And, with Stage 4 starting, we decided to make the tough call to bring Teej back and improve upon where we last left off with him.”

This move seems to be another head scratcher, as Huke, regarded as one of the top players in the CDL, has been benched for the second time in as many months. The Thieves went 1-3 with Huke in the starting lineup, but the consensus seemed to be that this was a move to look toward the future for L.A. rather than for a short-term boost. Nadeshot, the founder and CEO of 100 Thieves, said on May 4 that Huke was a ‘generational FPS talent.'”

Huke did seem to struggle with the Thieves, posting a 0.88 K/D in Hardpoint and a 0.91 K/D in Control. His Search and Destroy game looked solid as he holds a 1.11 K/D in four maps with L.A., according to Breaking Point. 

One has to wonder if this move back to TJHaLy truly is a permanent one, as the Thieves have already made multiple changes to their roster this season.

The new-look Thieves will be in action to kick off Stage Four against the Seattle Surge on May 29 at 3:30pm CT.