How to fix the Travis-Rilea error in MW2 and Warzone

This is all your fault, Travis.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) has reinvigorated the franchise with its crisp gameplay and enjoyable maps and weapons. It is back—and it’s brought with it the Travis-Rilea error.

The CoD franchise isn’t known for its flawless gameplay. It’s come with a collection of glitchy baggage in the past, and it has once more. There’s a new error in town, it’s got a really interesting name, and that’s probably why you’re here right now.

The Travis-Rilea error in MW2 is here to stay, and it’s not a happy camper.

What is Travis-Rilea in Warzone and MW2?

A team of operators in Call of Duty, not currently affected by an error.
Error codes are the worst. Image via Activision

The Travis-Rilea error appears when the network connection fails while trying to play online. It’ll be due to either your internet connection or because the CoD servers are having problems on their end. It’s also a common error whenever the network you’re playing the game on (like Steam or PlayStation Network) has issues.

This error has become quite a common one in MW2 and Warzone since launch. It seems to pop up for many players a couple of times a week, and it’s likely to do with server maintenance or random hiccups on gaming networks.

How do I fix the Travis-Rilea error in MW2 and Warzone?

Two CoD operators getting ready for a firefight.

To fix this error, we have some possible solutions:

Restart your PC or console. This is one of the first fixes people always recommend, and it works for many different glitches and bugs.

If that doesn’t help, restart your router. This should get your internet connection back in working condition, just in case your router has started slacking off.

The next way to fix the error is by messing around with your internet settings. The issue might be on your end and have something to do with your current internet connection, so it’s worth checking to see if other devices or games are having problems for you. For instance, changing from ethernet to wifi might be the fix you’re looking for. Then change it back after a few hours or however long you’re willing to wait.

Also, make sure to check the Infinity Ward social media pages to see if there are any server updates or posts. Sometimes the companies involved will post updates on social media pages if the issues are widespread enough.

Image via Activision

It also might not be the fault of Infinity Ward. Check the statuses of, Steam, PSN, and Xbox to see if they’re having issues, too. Oftentimes there may be an outage with the launcher or console on which you’re playing the game.

These are currently the only fix attempts we have for the Travis-Rilea’error. These fixes are general approaches, but they tend to work for at least a short period of time. Odds are, there’s a problem with the game’s servers or the servers of the network you’re playing on.


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