How many people are playing Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War?

You're competing with millions.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty is one of the best-selling game franchises in the world. The franchise gets a refresh every year, drawing in new players alongside all the seasoned veterans who look forward to the new releases. Though there have been ups and downs, Black Ops Cold War has been one of the better CoD titles.

Considering the franchise also adopted a battle royale mode in Warzone, the number of players interested in CoD grew even higher. Finding any types of matches in Black Ops Cold War takes mere seconds, indicating that the game has a relatively populated player base. Activision doesn’t disclose any numbers, however, but there are a few sources who’ve done the math to get a rough estimation of Black Ops Cold War’s player base.

Gamstat uses PlayStation’s trophy system to find out how many players have at least launched Black Ops Cold War and spent a couple of hours in it to win some trophies. The website’s recent data shows that there are 3.8 million players who’ve earned at least a single trophy in Black Ops Cold War on PlayStation 4. 

Black Ops Cold War is available on four different platforms other than PlayStation 4. While one could just multiply the numbers for PlayStation 4 by five for an estimation, there won’t be a way to confirm those numbers.

Black Ops Cold War reported 5.7 million digital units sold in December 2020, which also means that there must be at least 5.7 million players who’ve tried Black Ops Cold War so far. There aren’t any services that track the number of active players in Black Ops Cold War and Activision doesn’t release any numbers.

Warzone, on the other hand, is a different case. Playercounter tracks the number of online players in Warzone. The website uses a unique algorithm named Gohost Network Protocol (GNP.) This allows the website to count the active players based on popular games’ network traffic. There isn’t a way to confirm the numbers on Playercounter for Warzone, but the numbers match for titles like Dota 2 and Brawlhalla, two games that regularly update their active player counts.