Call of Duty: Warzone player saved from elimination by helicopter explosion

Nosediving is the best way to score an elimination.

Image via Activision

Vehicle kills in Call of Duty: Warzone have been taken up a notch after one player was saved by a helicopter while on the brink of elimination. 

Earlier today a Warzone player was almost sent to the Gulag after taking heavy fire from an isolated enemy during a match. Although he was with his teammates, the player was knocked down but didn’t give up. 

Everything looked lost for the player since he was out in the open and the enemy was rushing to get the kill. But instead of finishing the player from afar, the enemy wanted one final look at his elimination. 

This turned out to be a fatal error. One of his teammates arrived to save the day in the best way possible. He nosedived a helicopter onto the ground, blowing the vehicle to pieces and eliminating the enemy. After the enemy was eliminated, the player was revived by his third teammate who had been busy looting a nearby house. 

This isn’t the first time that helicopters have been used unconventionally, however. Yesterday, another Warzone player won a match after he dropped a helicopter on the last remaining enemy while he was parachuting out of the vehicle. 

It’s safe to say that helicopters could become the most useful vehicle in the game considering players can jump out without taking any fall damage because of the parachuting feature. Nosediving is certainly the most amusing way to win a Warzone match.