All of Call of Duty: Warzone’s buyable killstreaks and prices

Earn cash, buy upgrades, and eliminate the competition.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Warzone Battle Royale is the latest free-to-play title from Activation. Along with many of the trappings of traditional Battle Royale games, Warzone also features killstreaks and equipment which can be bought from Buy Stations scattered around the map.

The buy station contains defensive items, kill streaks, and field upgrades. Players can also purchase “redeployment” for a teammate at a buy station. To buy equipment, players have to earn cash. Players can loot cash from around the map or earn cash by completing contracts which assign players objectives.

There are three types of contracts: bounty, recon, and scavenger. Bounty missions require players track down a specific opponent and eliminate them. Recon missions require players take a flag positioned somewhere around the map. Scavenger requires players find three assigned crates.

All buyable killstreaks and equipment

Once players have enough cash they can purchase equipment and killstreaks. The term “killstreaks” is a bit misleading in this game, since you purchase them with earned cash rather than earning them through a series of kills. Killstreaks appear to refer to consumable abilities that will help players find or kill enemies.

Armor Plate Bundle – $1,500 – Combat Defense
The armor plat bundle is the lowest price option and gives players five armor plates. Three armor plates can be equipped at once and five is the max number of armor plates that a single player can carry on them at one time.

Shield Turret – $2,000Killstreak
The shield turret is a deployable turret which can be placed on the ground and operated manually by a player. The shield turret offers limited cover in the form of a large metal plate covering much of the player’s torso.

Cluster Strike – $3,000Killstreak
The cluster strike is a lethal mortar strike which players can call down on a selected location. The kill streak drops a half dozen or so “cluster mortar” rounds dealing significant damage to anyone in the radius of the strike. The cluster strike is one of two types of strikes that can be purchased at the buy station.

Gas Mask – $3,000Circle Defense
When activated, the gas mask will provide 12 seconds of safety from the deadly gas circle which shrinks around players throughout the match. The gas mask can be deployed passively, but it will break after 12 seconds of use.

Precision Airstrike – $3,500Killstreak
The precision airstrike is the second type of strike that can be purchased at the buy station. The precision airstrike calls in two jets who will drop missiles on a player designated target. This strike is more expensive than the cluster strike, but might be worth the extra cash if you are looking for an even more powerful strike.

UAV – $4,000Killstreak
Fans of the Call of Duty franchise will recognize the unmanned aerial vehicle as a killstreak staple. The UAV highlights enemy locations on the mini-map, making it one of the most useful killstreaks in any Call of Duty game. Some fans might find it surprising that it is on the upper end in regards to pricing. The intelligence that a UAV provides is even more essential in a battle royale title, where there are very few cues giving away the location of an enemy in comparison to COD’s traditionally small maps.

Self-Revive Kit – $4,500Last Stand
The self-revive kit is pretty self-explanatory. If an enemy downs a player, that player can use a self-revive kit to revive themselves. This is a valuable feature in a pinch, allowing players to rejoin the fight without help from squad mates.

Munitions Box – $5,000Field Upgrade
The munitions box is an ammo box that you can place. It contains enough ammo and equipment for an entire squad. Be aware that if the munitions box gets shot, it will blow up and do damage to players near by. Although this munitions box may not be as sexy as a well placed precision airstrike, this field upgrade is highly useful in the right situation.

Loadout Drop Marker – $6,000Field Upgrade
The loadout drop marker is the most expensive piece of equipment available for purchase at the Buy Station. This field upgrade drops a supply drop with a series of full loadouts and perks to select from. Why loot for the best loadout when you can call it in for yourself and teammates?