Baldur’s Gate 3 will get crossplay between PC and console

It'll be even easier to adventure through Faerûn with a party of friends, just like a D&D campaign.

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Players have been adventuring together through Faerûn since Baldur’s Gate 3 launched on Aug. 3, and now it looks like BG3’s multiplayer audience is about to get a lot wider.

Larian Studios officially confirmed that crossplay is on its way to BG3, meaning players on PC, PS5, and Xbox (when it launches for that platform) will all be able to party together.

In an interview today with Eurogamer, Larian Studios’ director of publishing Michael Douse said the developers always planned to add crossplay to BG3, but that they “knew it wouldn’t be [ready] for launch.” Douse was hesitant to give a time frame, explaining that the much-requested feature is “in the roadmap,” but that they don’t want to announce a release date for the crossplay patch until they’re certain.

With BG3’s PS5 version having just launched, it makes sense that Larian Studios wants players to know crossplay is coming. Multiplayer is a big feature of BG3, and it’s possible to play through the entire game from start to finish with a party of friends—just like a real (albeit very extensive) Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

The feature should also be welcome news for Xbox players that are still patiently waiting for their chance to play BG3 on their console of choice. The Microsoft platform is slated to finally get their hands on the game at the end of this year.

When the crossplay patch drops, it’ll be even easier to group up with your friends and embark on a campaign together in BG3.


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