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Jamie Villanueva, Jr. is an esports fanatic studying in the medical field with aspirations of becoming an esports doctor. He specializes in Counter-Strike, Boston sports, social media, and amateur photography.

North take down Gambit and HellRaisers to win DreamHack Tours

Astralis aren't the only Danish team to win a recent event.
10 hours ago - CS:GO

Rain ate a cigarette after losing a bet at the Pro League Finals

The FaZe Clan star bet that Astralis would sweep Team Liquid.
17 hours ago - CS:GO

Astralis triumph over Liquid to win the EPL Season 7 Finals

This is their second title of the year.
a day ago - CS:GO

Liquid and Astralis will face off in the grand final at the EPL Season 7 Finals

The finale of the $750,000 event will take place tomorrow at 1pm CT.
2 days ago - CS:GO

Liquid and FaZe advance to the semifinals of the EPL Season 7 Finals

The only two matches of the day featured 2-0 sweeps.
3 days ago - CS:GO

Sadokist will make his return to casting at the ECS Season Five Finals

It'll be the first event since his controversial incident on Twitch.
4 days ago - CS:GO

Nuke bomb site changes among updates in latest CS:GO patch

Valve has implemented some quality of life changes for the game.
4 days ago - CS:GO

Mouz and SK survive the losers' bracket at the EPL Season 7 Finals

The six team playoff picture is finally set after the three day group stage.
4 days ago - CS:GO

Liquid and Astralis clinch playoff berths while C9 and NiP fall at the EPL Season 7 Finals

The second day of the EPL Season 7 group stage had sweeps throughout.
5 days ago - CS:GO

Devoduvek and AmaNEk return to France, join Team LDLC

The former Misfits duo will no longer be competing with North American teams.
5 days ago - CS:GO