Cloud9 parts ways with valens

Cloud9 lost a crucial piece to its history in CS:GO earlier today.

Photo via ELEAGUE

Cloud9 has parted ways with CS:GO data analyst Soham “valens” Chowdhury in mutual agreement. This officially ends his three-year tenure with Cloud9, where he served as both head coach and data analyst. 

During his time at C9, he helped the team win the ELEAGUE Boston Major in 2018 and iBuyPower Masters in 2017. He also “played a crucial role in recruiting and vetting players,” according to the organization. 

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“Coaching was actually supposed to be a temporary position for me but it turned into something greater,” valens said in C9’s news blog. “We won the [ELEAGUE Boston] Major, we had roster issues, we lost out at the minor qualifiers, and we started again from scratch.”

“I plan to keep pushing the envelope when it comes to esports analytics and hope to be a part of the innumerable number of folks dedicated to turning this industry into a sustainable, ethical, and exciting one.”

Valens’ next step in CS:GO esports seem to be unclear at the moment, but his experience and accomplishments should make it much easier to find his next gig.