Who could be Apex Legends’ next champion?

There are a few possibilities.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

In Apex Legends‘ season four trailer, Respawn Entertainment introduced Revenant, a human assassin turned killing machine who’s entered the Apex Games in search of revenge on his creators.

But with Revenant having released for season four, we can’t help but look forward to the next legend release and who it may be. Here are a few of the characters who could be up next on Respawn’s list of legend releases.

3) Rampart

Rampart was one of two characters described as “near being locked down” in a leaked character testing document in October. The paper accurately predicted Revenant as the next legend following Crypto’s release, which proved to be correct in the season four legend trailer.

Rampart is listed alongside a second character named Valk. But of the two, only Rampart has a unique image showing off his character design. Valk’s image is blacked out, whereas Rampart is depicted in a blue suit with a yellow helmet and gear packs strapped to his legs. Rampart also appeared in leaks earlier in the year, which included a full list of his abilities.

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2) Forge

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Fans originally believed Forge would be the next character to enter the Apex Games. Respawn teased the character with the season four announcement but quickly had him killed off by Revenant in a minute-long trailer in the days leading up to the season’s release.

Despite the character’s death, many believe that Forge could still be a future legend. There’s evidence to suggest the person killed in the teaser may not have been Forge. The character in the video had a scar, whereas Forge in his official bio does not. Additionally, Forge’s bio reads that he has a host of impostors, leading many fans to believe that the man killed by Revenant could be just a look-alike.

Even if Forge is dead, Respawn could still bring the legend back as a robotically-engineered zombie. In the Titanfall universe, what Apex is based in, revival is possible. It’s likely that if Forge was truly dead, he would want revenge on his killer, who’s now in the Apex Games.

2) Loba

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

In the season four trailer, Revenant hunts down a famous businessman and slaughters his armed personnel. Only one person gets away from the murder scene alive: the man’s daughter, who can be seen at the end of the video hunched over her father’s corpse.

Based on the clues left in the video, such as the silver wolf and her father’s bounty description, it’s likely that this won’t be the last we’ve seen of the young girl. Respawn described the murder yesterday as “a 25-year unsolved cold case,” which would likely put her at over 30 years old.

Previous leaks have included a female character named Loba, which means “she-wolf” in Portuguese. Now that we’ve actually seen Loba in video format, it could be possible that Respawn has given fans inklings of the character’s backstory in preparation for her release later in the year.

After a recent update earlier in the week, Loba’s in-game model appeared in the game’s files. Based on unofficial renders, she carries a holster with a wolf’s head in it and sports a similar hairstyle to the young girl from the season four trailer. With a model hidden in the game’s files, it’s likely that Loba’s release is imminent.

The second split of Apex’s season four began on March 24. The season ends on May 5, so fans of the battle royale can expect teasers for the game’s next legend in the weeks leading up to season five.