Who could be Apex Legends’ next playable character?

There are a few possibilities.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Season 13 of Apex Legends, Saviors, is well underway. Fans are still getting used to Newcastle, the defensive legend and superhero alter-ego of Bangalore’s brother Jackson Williams, whose shield-oriented abilities provide an alternative to Gibraltar’s bubble and Rampart’s walls.

But it’s hard not to speculate on who could be joining the Apex Games next. With Apex’s ever-growing lore universe, there are quite a few possibilities, including characters who have already been introduced in the game’s extensive backstory. For instance, Mad Maggie has been a part of the lore surrounding the Apex Games since season eight. Back then, she was introduced as the best frenemy of the outlaw Walter “Fuse” Fitzroy, and the game showcased their toxic dynamic to great effect.

Whoever the next legend is, it’s possible, if not likely, that Apex fans already know them in some capacity, and that they have some kind of relationship to one of the current legends.

Here are three possible legends who may be joining the game next season.

3) Commander Scryer

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

In Bangalore’s Stories from the Outlands, titled “Gridiron,” Bangalore and her brother, Jackson Williams, crash-land in the Outlands aboard the IMC’s Hestia. When Bangalore realizes her brother is a deserter and calls the IMC, Commander Scryer is the Pilot who shows up ready to enact frontier justice on the wayward soldier.

Bangalore and Jackson team up and eventually kill Scryer in a brutal melee. But alleged leaks have convinced some fans Scryer is not as dead as he appeared to be at the end of the short film.

While the leaks are unsubstantiated, there is a compelling personal connection between Scryer, Bangalore, and her brother.

Fans of Apex lore have seen similar grudges work their way into the dynamic between legends, serving as fodder for banter and giving these characters a good reason to want to kill each other in the Apex Games. Loba and Revenant’s arc started as a revenge story. Ash and Horizon’s relationship has the same vibe. To further support the theory, Bangalore’s combat knife Heirloom is the weapon she stripped from Scryer.

2) Vantage

Another possibility for the new legend is a character first seen in the leaks, Vantage. Vantage, who had a fairly complete character model and unique face, appeared to be the furthest character along in development next to Newcastle. Given that Newcastle has now been released, it stands to reason that Vantage is a good candidate for the next legend in line.

While the name Vantage and even aspects of her character and abilities are subject to change, data miner Shrugtal announced in May that a charm for a legend called “Vantage” had been added to the game, adding to the case for Vantage as the next legend. Assuming the Vantage seen in the leaks was authentic, she will be a sniper-focused legend, much in the way that Rampart is focused on LMGs. Vantage’s ultimate is a custom sniper rifle that may work like Rampart’s Sheila as a third weapon.

Vantage also looks like she has intelligence-gathering abilities and costuming that suggest she could be related to Bloodhound’s story. Her passive lets her gather information when using sniper scopes and her tactical was an animal companion. These thematic similarities to Bloodhound would strengthen her connection to the existing lore of the Outlands and the characters already in the game, giving more credence to the possibility of Vantage joining the games.

1) Blisk

Blisk in Apex Legends
Image via Respawn Entertainment

In August 2019, renowned Apex data miner The Gaming Merchant unearthed files from the game’s code pointing to a character named Blisk. This mysterious man is referred to in the files as “Elite Mercenary,” and the code included a set of potential abilities for the character.

But this wasn’t the first time Apex fans have heard that name. Kuben Blisk is a Pilot in the Titanfall franchise and served as a ranking commander for the IMC. He’s also a mercenary who created the Apex Games.

Blisk visits Rampart at her shop in a Stories from the Outlands episode and invites her to participate in the games. Rampart also spray-painted Blisk’s face in World’s Edge in the days leading up to season six’s release.

Almost three years after information about the possibility of Blisk’s arrival at the Games was first revealed, Apex players are still waiting for the gruff mercenary. But not all is lost. Hints of Blisk keep trickling in, like when savvy fans noticed that in a trailer for Apex Legends Mobile, Blisk is shown wearing the jump-jets that come standard issue in the Games. Now that he seems to have the right gear for it, Blisk’s entrance seems inevitable. The question is, when?

Apex’s 13th season, Saviors, will continue until August. Fans will likely have to wait until then for the release of season 14 and to see for themselves who the new legend will be.