New Stories from the Outlands explains how Rampart joined the Apex Games

She was invited by the Apex Games commissioner himself.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Rampart is the next character to join the cast of Apex Legends and the latest episode of Stories from the Outlands showed how she made it into the Apex Games: by invitation from the Apex Games commissioner, Kuben Blisk.

In the animated short, the commissioner saw Rampart’s performance in underground fight clubs and used his authority to invite her to the Outlands’ ultimate bloodsport, the Apex Games.

The cinematic shows a group of armed bandits breaking into Rampart’s shop. The gunsmith is prepared for a confrontation and squares off against the gang with the help of Sheila, her mounted machine gun. Rampart takes out most of the invaders, but one of them gets the drop on her, knocks her out, and burns down her workshop.

Rampart, however, receives an illustrious visit: Kuben Blisk, the Apex Games commissioner himself. “Well, you put up one hell of a fight, kid. But it’s your lucky day, eh? You earned this,” he says as he hands her a card with the Apex Games logo on it. “Let’s get you patched up.”

Rampart’s relationship with Blisk was the target of a previous season six teaser where the legend spray-painted his likeness onto several parts of World’s Edge with the saying “won’t let ya down.” Fans now have confirmation that it’s a reference to the vote of confidence that he extended to her after seeing her fight.

Blisk’s last appearance was in the Apex intro trailer, when he hands out a similar card to the spectator as a welcome into the Apex Games. In Titanfall 2, he also gives out a similar card as an invitation to join his mercenary faction, the Apex Predators.

The break-in, on the other hand, is likely related to a previous teaser. An unknown person made a thinly-veiled threat at Rampart by reminding her that “people have money” on her match. The voice in the recording is similar to the blue-haired woman in the trailer. Rampart also mentions that she “doesn’t usually do a gauntlet round twice in one day,” another nod that the gang is after revenge after losing a round.

The cinematic also shows Rampart’s connection to Bangalore and Gibraltar. The animation kicks off with the three of them sharing a drink and joking with each other—a friendship that could also manifest itself through in-game interactions.

Rampart will officially join the Apex Games on Aug. 18 when Apex‘s sixth season, Booster, kicks off, bringing in a new weapon, the crafting system, and a battle pass.