Rampart spray paints pictures of Kuben Blisk in Apex Legends in-game teaser

“Won't let ya down."

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Rampart is spreading her art all over World’s Edge again, and this time, she painted a familiar face. The latest graffiti shows the face of Apex Games commissioner Kuben Blisk, complete with a golden crown on top—and it seems that she could have a connection to him.

The graffiti shows Blisk’s face with the words “won’t let ya down,” signed with Rampart’s trademark symbol. Other walls have “sorry” and “not sorry” scrawled out on them. Players noticed the artwork on several spots, mainly in the ruins of Capitol City.


Kuben Blisk appeared in Apex Legends’ intro cutscene, welcoming the player into the Apex Games, and was also one of the antagonists in the Titanfall franchise. One of the Revenant teasers, however, shared that “nobody’s heard from the man in a year” and that Blisk could be missing.

Rampart has an evident connection to the commissioner. The golden crown on top of his head in the graffiti is, at the very least, a sign of respect and admiration, and the “won’t let ya down” denotes that she wants Blisk’s approval in some way. It’s unclear if she’s met Blisk in person, however, or the extent of their relationship.

Blisk could come to the battle royale at some point. Early data mines indicated that the commissioner was posed to be a legend and could join the very games he helped organize. If that information holds true to Respawn’s plans, Rampart could be a narrative tool to reintroduce Blisk into the universe.

Rampart will join the Apex Games on Aug. 18, when season six, Boosted, kicks off. The new season is bringing in plenty of novelties, including the long-anticipated Volt SMG and the new crafting system.