Crafting is coming to Apex Legends in season 6

Get ready to build your way to victory.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

After weeks of teasers, Apex Legends fans have finally gotten their first look of what’s in store for season six. Respawn Entertainment dropped a new trailer for the upcoming season today and released a page previewing some of the newest features coming to the battle royale, including a new crafting system.

“Don’t like your gear?” the season’s page reads. “Collect materials around the map and build something better.”

Respawn has yet to detail what types of gear can be crafted or how difficult it’ll be to find enough materials. But based on the season’s description and clues left in the season trailer, fans of the battle royale may have an idea for what items will be craftable.

At the end of the season trailer, Apex’s newest character Rampart is modifying a gun that she names Shiela. This could point to a possibility that players will be able to build weapons in the upcoming season. Similarly, season six’s description reads “If you can’t loot it—build it,” which also suggests that anything lootable will be able to be crafted.

Crafting isn’t the only new feature coming to the battle royale. Like previous seasons, season six will introduce a new character and gun. Rampart is the newest legend to join the Apex Games, although little is known about the character’s abilities at time of writing. Over the past week, Respawn teased her reveal with voice recordings and spray paint across World’s Edge.

Season six is scheduled to launch on Aug. 18. A new ranked season, battle pass, and weapon will arrive on the live servers with the season’s launch. Fans will likely get more information on the features coming in the next season as its release date approaches.