Rampart is the newest character coming to Apex Legends in season 6

The trailer hinted at her potential abilities, too.

Image via EA Games

After much speculation and several in-game teasers, Apex Legends has officially announced season six: Boosted, along with the game’s newest legend, Rampart.

Rampart’s entrance into Apex was foretold both through various graffiti adorning signage put up around World’s Edge and in the stylized “R” that appears in the Level 100 Flatline and Wingman reactive skins players were rewarded with for completing the season four and five battle passes. 

With the drop of the new season trailer, however, Rampart’s addition to the Apex Games has been confirmed—and several of her rumored abilities seem to have made it into the game as well.

Rampart is an “expert modder who made her name in underground fight clubs,” according to the season six homepage, which mentions both her ability to talk big and build weapons to match. That’s immediately evident in the season six trailer, where you can see Rampart laughing sort of maniacally while she lays into a brawl with a minigun. The massive, mounted gun in question should be Rampart’s ultimate ability and seems to be named “Sheila,” which would explain the “All Hail Sheila” graffiti tags left around World’s Edge.

The trailer also hints at Rampart’s other rumored abilities, which were leaked by data miners nearly a full year ago, albeit when the character was apparently still supposed to be a man. You can clearly see Bangalore standing behind a clear, square barrier, one that looks like it stops incoming bullets, while she fires through it. Such a barrier, and possibly one that offers a damage boost to your teammates, could be Rampart’s tactical ability, on a cooldown similar to Gibraltar’s dome shield. There’s even a possible reference to the leaked passive ability that Rampart gives a buff to light machine guns since the only clearly visible guns in the trailer are Bangalore shooting a Devotion and Lifeline with a Spitfire.

While these abilities have yet to be confirmed, it’s a safe bet that Rampart won’t be entering Apex quietly. So whether you have a thing for big guns that can shoot a lot of bullets or you just like the idea of a gunsmith graffiti artist with plenty of bubblegum, Rampart will be the character for you. She drops with season six: Boosted on Aug. 18.

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