All leaked potential Apex Legends characters

Lots of new legends are rumored to be dropping in.
Image showcasing several characters from Apex Legends.
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One of the most exciting parts about a new Apex Legends season is a new character, and it makes sense why players want to look for leaks and potential hints at what those characters will be. Everyone always wants to get the inside scoop and the first couple weeks of a season are often the most exciting as a new legend drops and more potential files and leaks are found for future legends at the same time.

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What’s figured to be about two years of Apex content was leaked prior to season 13, providing players with early glimpses of several new characters. Several of the legends in this leak were subsequently confirmed to be accurate since they’ve arrived in the game already.

As that huge leak already occurred more than a year ago, the subsequent new characters that have shown up in the game have looked more and more different from their leaked counterparts, and new legends have also popped up for leakers and data miners.

Here are all the legends rumored to be coming to Apex soon.

All leaked characters that could come to Apex Legends

Revenant Reborn/Phantom

Revenant Reborn is an interesting leak, mostly because it’s a major development from a previously-leaked legend, Phantom, and because he doesn’t seem to be a new legend at all. Instead, this could be a major rework for one of Apex’s weakest characters: Revenant.

Phantom’s leaked abilities give him Titanfall-esque wall-running abilities, another movement ability for the tactical, and an ultimate that temporarily sends players into the void. Later leaks showed that this ultimate ability was given to Revenant in playtests; the void mechanic used to give Revenant a clean one-vs-one fight in the void with an enemy he hit with the void grenade.

This version of Revenant, according to insiders like ThordanSmash, will completely take the old Revenant’s place in the game, and as such, it’s a bit unclear how Respawn might handle his potential release. Will he be the featured “new” legend in a new season? Will he simply get a big rework in an update for an upcoming event? It’s hard to tell, but it does seem like this character is the closest to making its way into Apex next.


Conduit is a support class character focused on winning fights by manipulating the shields of allies and foes, according to the leak. The character’s passive ability may allow them to recharge their shield and do so even faster when allies are nearby. 

Conduit’s tactical ability could heal their allies’ shield from their own before recharging some more. Their ultimate may be a cluster bomb that damages enemy shields while recharging their partners’.


Scryer will purportedly be a recon legend, emphasizing viewing things from the enemy’s perspective. Their passive could be an automatic “haunt” ability that allows them to spectate their killer, according to the leak. 

Scryer’s tactical may be a trap called the Optic-Haunt that reveals what the target sees. The Shadow Wall ultimate could block lines of sight and blind characters.


Currently the only character without an icon, the Tricky Trapper has some leaked abilities that help them trick the enemy. Jester’s passive ability purportedly allows them to turn any grenade into a proximity mine and spawns with a frag grenade.

Their tactical ability could issue a drop pod that contains three robot-like minions called Spectres. Their ultimate might be a short-lived field that cloaks players for six seconds after leaving.


A possible member of the tanky defense class, Uplink could have a passive ability to “gain 25 percent of Recovery Effects used in Signal Range.” 

Their tactical ability may let them release a satellite that will follow allies and regenerate their shields, even reviving them if they go down. The Immortality Relay Beacon keeps members of Uplink’s team from being killed for a short duration, according to the leak.

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All leaked characters that became confirmed characters in Apex Legends


Newcastle entered Apex in the season 13 update, Saviors. A defensive character, Newcastle can drag downed teammates across the battlefield as his passive while also providing a shield for them and reviving them.

Newcastle’s tactical ability allows him to deploy a mobile shield he can move and rotate after deploying. His ultimate lets him leap to a nearby target or friend and create a fortified stronghold around them. Newcastle’s eventual abilities were very close to his originally leaked abilities, with only some small values changed.


Vantage was the season 14 character introduced with the Hunted update. She is a recon class character with an ultimate sniper that can mark enemies and deal increased damage to them for her and her teammates. She also has a passive that emphasizes gaining information on enemy squads from a distance, and a tactical using her pet bat, Echo, which allows her to reposition quickly over large distances.

Vantage entered the game with more tweaks to her leaked abilities than Newcastle but retained her leaked name, character model, and the overall vision of her character as a sniper recon legend.


Catalyst came to Apex as the new character in season 15, Eclipse. She’s a defensive character who uses her passive and tactical abilities to deny space to enemies and help fortify indoor positions, particularly around doors. Her ultimate ability, Dark Veil, creates a huge ferrofluid wall that blocks vision, slows and blind enemies that move through the wall, and blocks some scan abilities such as Bloodhound’s tactical and Seer’s passive.

Catalyst’s abilities changed significantly from the leaks, with the leaked “building” abilities completely gone and her character moving from a defensive character that can build physical structures to a space-denial defensive character through abilities that damage, slow, and blind.

Only Catalyst’s passive ability, as well as her legend name and the general aesthetic of the placeholder art, remained somewhat consistent from the original leak to Catalyst entering the game.

Ballistic (Caliber)

Originally, the legend “Caliber” and their ammo box were a part of the pre-season leaks, and several abilities made it through in some form or fashion to the final game for Caliber. But they did end up being the first legend from this leak to be renamed entirely, turning into Ballistic for season 17.

Ballistic’s passive and ultimate bear a strong resemblence to Caliber. In the original leaks, Caliber could hold a third weapon (although the “no attachments” rule didn’t seem to apply then), and his ultimate featured an auto-loading ammo box. Ballistic obviously got a few extra bells and whistles, along with a completely reworked tactical. The Whistler and its mechanics don’t look anything like the auto turret Caliber used to be able to place down wherever he felt like. Maybe the sentry turret idea is being reserved for a different future legend?

There’s no word on when players can expect each character to release until Respawn actually announces the next new character to enter the game.

As such, players can still find potential future characters in these leaks.

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