All leaked potential Apex Legends characters

Lots of new legends are rumored to be dropping in.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends is a game built on introducing new legends with each new season. As a result, the game’s roster has quickly grown to 20 characters with various identities and powers. Players are constantly speculating about the next legends and a new leak has shown up to nine more characters that may be coming soon.

The next two years of Apex content has been leaked, according to a Reddit post. This includes potential new legends, weapons, heirlooms, maps, and emotes. While the original shared file has been deleted, users have posted details from the files in the comment threads. 

One of the shared files included a screengrab from the list of new heroes and was widely shared on Twitter.

None of this leaked information has been confirmed by Respawn. But here’s what we know so far about the recently leaked legends that could potentially come to Apex in the future.


Conduit is a support class character focused on winning fights by manipulating the shields of allies and foes, according to the leak. The character’s passive ability may allow them to recharge their shield and do so even faster when allies are nearby. 

Conduit’s tactical ability could heal their allies’ shield from their own before recharging some more. Their ultimate may be a cluster bomb that damages enemy shields while recharging their partners’.


Scryer will reportedly be a recon legend, emphasizing viewing things from the enemy’s perspective. Their passive could be an automatic “haunt” ability that allows them to spectate their killer, according to the leak. 

Scryer’s tactical may be a trap called the Optic-Haunt that reveals what the target sees. The Shadow Wall ultimate could block lines of sight and blind characters.


The nickname for Caliber is Apex Arms Dealer and their purported abilities reflect that by prioritizing weapons. This character’s passive allows them to carry a third weapon, accessing it by pressing H, according to the leak. 

By using the tactical ability Suppressor Turret, Caliber will reportedly attach a makeshift turret base on whatever weapon they’re using at the time. The ultimate could deploy an ammo box that feeds directly into nearby allies’ weapons.


Currently the only character without an icon, the Tricky Trapper has some leaked abilities that help them trick the enemy. Jester’s passive ability purportedly allows them to turn any grenade into a proximity mine and spawns with a frag grenade.

Their tactical ability could issue a drop pod that contains three robot-like minions called Spectres. Their ultimate might be a short-lived field that cloaks players for six seconds after leaving.


The Phantom might be a support character that works as more of an Agile Assassin, the nickname given in the files. Their passive gives them a double jump ability, according to the leak, earning the advantage of higher ground for starters.

The Hook Shot tactical could be an ability that lets the player to hook to a nearby wall and hang there, allowing you to surprise the enemy. The Void Grenade ultimate might send enemy players to the void for a short time. 


This potential addition to the recon class could be a sniper with a passive ability that shows tactical information like a legend’s name, shield, distance, and more when viewed through a long-range scope.

There’s limited information on Vantage’s tactical ability other than that it’s similar to Crypto’s drone, but you can order it by using Q, according to the leak. 


A possible member of the tanky defense class, Uplink could have a passive ability to “gain 25% of Recovery Effects used in Signal Range.” 

Their tactical ability may let them release a satellite that will follow allies and regenerate their shields, even reviving them if they go down. The Immortality Relay Beacon keeps members of Uplink’s team from being killed for a short duration, according to the leak.


Newcastle, another potential defense character, could be able to drag downed teammates across the battlefield as his passive while also providing a shield for them, based on the leaked information.

Newcastle’s tactical ability might throw down an energy shield drone that moves forward and allows the player to shoot through it. Their ultimate could let them leap to a nearby target or friend and create a fortified stronghold around them. It may create a barricade in whichever direction the player is facing. 


Catalyst is a possible defense character named the Creative Builder due to their potential abilities. The legend’s purported passive reinforces the health of doors and placeable structures near the player. 

Catalyst’s tactical ability will create a ramp of hardened fluid that the player can use as cover, according to the leak. In the same vein, their ultimate may generate a column of fluid underneath them, granting a new height advantage over enemies.

There’s no word on when players can expect each character to release or if these characters are real legends at all. With no confirmed release date for the end of Apex’s current season, the next character could come sometime near the middle of this year.