All Ballistic abilities in Apex Legends

Hello, Mr. Gunslinger.

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An old dog’s joining the Apex Games. But instead of learning new tricks, Ballistic is schooling other legends on how to be an Apex Champion with a set of shiny new abilities.

The not-so-retired “Retired Gunslinger” is bringing a new set of abilities to Apex Legends in season 17, which starts on May 9. As an Assault legend, he boasts the class’ passive, which allows him to access additional loot found in red Weapon Supply Bins—what’s typically high-leveled weapon attachments. Furthermore, he can carry an additional stack of ammo in each inventory slot.

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But Ballistic’s kit looks completely different from what we’ve seen in Apex before. His abilities lend themselves to a more aggressive playstyle—fitting for a season named “Arsenal”—but also provides some additional support to friendlies.

Here are all of Ballistic’s abilities in Apex Legends, according to his character bio page.

Ballistic abilities and gameplay in Apex Legends

Tactical (Q): Whistler

Ballistic’s Tactical ability fires a projectile that overheats an enemy’s gun as they shoot, which causes damage to its user. Players can hold the Tactical button to lock on to the target.

Passive: Sling

The Retire Gunslinger’s passive allows players to store a third weapon in their “sling,” which they can access via their inventory or Character Utility Action button. The sling weapon cannot take attachments, so choose your weapon wisely.

Ultimate: Tempest

Ballistic’s ultimate ability grants nearby teammates faster reloads, additional unarmed move speed, and infinite ammo. After activating this ability, Ballistic equips his sling weapon, which is automatically upgraded to gold.

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