Apex’s season 17 will feature a revamped World’s Edge, Olympus, and Kings Canyon—at least for the first part of the season

At least early on.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players can dive into the shooter’s first three maps on May 9 when season 17, Arsenal launches—at least early. The map rotation will feature World’s Edge, Kings Canyon, and Olympus across both ranked and casual game modes for the first part of the season, Respawn Entertainment confirmed ahead of the new season’s release. The maps will continue to rotate in ranked play instead of having fixed maps each split.

The first half of season 17 will feature World’s Edge as the crown jewel. Arguably Apex‘s most popular map, the Talos arena will get a coat of paint as part of a map update. The overhaul will impact Fragment, one of the most divisive (and most populated) POIs in World’s Edge, and create the new Monument POI in its place.

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The infamous “streamer building” in Fragment will also move to a new POI called Stacks, which will take the place of Lava City. The new area offers vertical combat with plenty of layers to fight on, according to Respawn, and players can spot smaller changes to other areas.

In addition to World’s Edge, players will take the action to both Olympus and Kings Canyon throughout the first part of season 17. Apex‘s first map returns after a three-season absence, and Olympus cements its presence.

The shooter’s two most recent maps, Broken Moon and Storm Point, are out of the rotation for the time being. Broken Moon was featured in both seasons 15 and 16, and Storm Point made an appearance during season 16.

Respawn “will be changing those maps slightly” in the midseason update, developers confirmed ahead of season 17, though it’s unclear what arenas will change. This could be an opportunity to put a new map in the rotation if it gets a Town Takeover during the midseason patch, for instance.

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Players can experience the new rotation, as well as the new legend Ballistic and more, when Apex‘s season 17 launches on May 9.

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