Ballistic’s abilities will give teammates infinite ammo and more in Apex Legends’ season 17

Yup, you read that right.

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Ballistic made his name in the Thunderdome Games, but he’s bringing some of that bombastic firepower to Apex Legends when he lands on May 9. The season 17 character’s kit brings plenty of offense in both quality and quantity—including an ultimate that provides infinite ammo temporarily, a tactical that can overheat enemy guns, and a passive that lets him carry a third weapon.

Ballistic’s kit is focused on offense, making him a proper fit for the newly revamped Assault class. Much like in the lore, he has an aggressive, almost cinematic playstyle, with the potential to win fights by interfering with enemies or just through sheer superior firepower.

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Ballistic’s passive, the Sling, lets him carry a third weapon, though with a caveat: this third weapon can’t have any attachments. This can’t be a fully kitted weapon or a care package weapon. Team Deathmatch offers some leeway when it comes to kitted weapons, turning them into their base version.

The tactical is one of the flashiest tools under Ballistic’s belt. The Whistler fires a soft tracking projectile that, upon landing a hit, will slowly overheat an opponent’s weapon. Despite the inspiration from Titanfall‘s smart pistol, the tracking on the Whistler isn’t as drastic. It still requires you to hover your aim over the target but should make it somewhat forgiving to land a hit.

Once the shot connects, the target will have an overheat meter on them. This won’t stop them from playing the game—including swapping weapons, moving, and other core parts of Apex—but will cause a small reaction and some damage when the weapons overheat.

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The Tempest rounds out Ballistic’s kit. This powerful ultimate grants infinite ammo to Ballistic and nearby allies for a short period of time, and it will also turn the weapon in his Sling into a fully kitted gun. It’s a strong tool for overpowering opponents, especially since it effectively gives Ballistic a different weapon to swap to in an engagement. This also eases up the ammo economy for a squad.

All in all, Ballistic’s kit contains a good degree of offense and opportunity for some flashy plays, even if it’s potentially selfish (which fits in nicely with the legend’s playstyle from the Thunderdome Games). His kit isn’t as situational as other characters, and it’s just unique enough that players may continue to play him even after the initial novelty wears off.

Players can try out Ballistic once Apex‘s season 17, Arsenal, reaches the servers on May 9.


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