Apex data miner unearths new character named Blisk

Leaked files suggest the mercenary could be joining the Apex games.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

YouTuber The Gaming Merchant uploaded a video today after uncovering files from Apex Legends describing what could be the battle royale’s next playable character.

In the files, Blisk is tagged as “Elite Mercenary,” a title that may link the character to Lifeline. Earlier in the year, Respawn released a mock letter addressed to the combat medic from an unnamed fan who describes himself as a mercenary-turned-artist. Given that many of Apex’s characters are strung together by their backstories, the author of the letter could very well be Blisk.


The mercenary’s passive ability is named Interrogation, according to the files. When Blisk executes an enemy, he reveals the locations of their allies for 10 seconds. For his tactical ability, Blisk throws out a knife, dealing 20 damage to an enemy and marking them. If Blisk kills a marked target, he’s rewarded with double “credits,” which he can then use to buy “powerful supplies” with his ultimate ability Payday.

It’s unclear what these “powerful supplies” might be, but the mechanic could resemble something like killstreak rewards from other game franchises like Call of Duty. The files seem to suggest the supplies can be chosen with the mouse wheel, so different supplies may require more credits than others.

Blisk is just one character that’s been leaked in recent weeks. In the battle royale’s season two trailer, fans got a glimpse of a mysterious man whom many speculated to be Crypto. But even more recently, data miners have leaked the abilities for a second character by the name of Nomad.

Respawn has only released two characters since Apex’s release. Octane and Wattson joined the live servers in seasons one and two, respectively, and had their release dates spaced out by several months. Given Wattson’s release in July, it’s unlikely Apex fans will see a new legend any time soon.