One of Titanfall’s biggest staples might make its way to Apex Legends, leaks say

Hankering for more mobility? You just might get it.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

A respected Apex Legends leaker has suggested that a much-loved Titanfall feature may be coming to the battle royale in the future.

Reddit user AnApexPlayer posted a list of future updates shared in a video by Thordan, a well-known Apex leaker who frequently shares information about upcoming features and changes. According to Thordan, an “inside source” gave him the list, which Thordan was able to “verify are in the works.”

The list includes a few features of relevance to Titanfall fans, who have been asking for a return of that game’s wall-running feature for years now. Supposedly, the next map will be pulled from Titanfall, which occurs in the same extended universe as Apex, and will allow players to both wall-run and dual-wield pistols. Another future map, purportedly arriving in “season 23,” will be called District and will also include wall-running. Following District’s arrival, all maps “could get wall running updates,” according to the leak.

It’s important to note that very few of these updates have been confirmed by or even discussed by developer Respawn Entertainment, so none of the list’s items are confirmed to be coming to Apex at all. Instead of taking the list as gospel, it’s better to think of it as pointing toward a direction the development team may be taking the game in.

It’s also important to note that including wall-running in the game isn’t as simple as “adding” the ability to do so to the game’s maps. Titanfall‘s maps were designed with wall-running in mind as a core mechanic; Apex‘s are not. To change existing maps to incorporate and balance for wall-running would likely be a very difficult endeavor. What’s more likely is that the team at Respawn wants to bring more Titanfall references and elements into Apex to tie the two franchises together in the future.

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