What is the next weapon coming to Apex Legends?

One data miner speculates on the new submachine gun coming to Kings Canyon.

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Image via Respawn Entertainment

The L-Star light machine gun, introduced in season two along with new attachments, Ranked Leagues, and Wattson, was the last weapon added to the Apex Legends armory. One data miner thinks a submachine gun is next on the list.

Well-known Apex data miner That1MiningGuy released a video today in which he discusses what he believes to be the next gun coming to Kings Canyon: the Volt SMG.


In the video, That1MiningGuy explains that the icon for the Volt, which is originally from Titanfall 2, is the most recent gun to be updated in the 505 File. The 505 File contains all of the icons found in Apex, according to the data miner. “The 505 file is the file that contains all of the icons that we see in the game, including pings for the map, lobby load portraits, basically anything that comes up on your HUD,” That1MiningGuy said.

Initially, the Volt was entered into the 505 File with its icon from Titanfall 2. At the beginning of season two, however, the icon was updated to look similar to what gun icons look like in Apex. That1MiningGuy believes this update hints at a potential release tomorrow with the Iron Crown Collection Event, or by the beginning of season three.

Screengrab via That1MiningGuy

In Titanfall 2, the Volt is a hitscan submachine gun that fires concentrated bolts of high energy. This means it’ll likely take energy ammunition when it makes it debut on Kings Canyon.

The C.A.R. SMG, also from Titanfall 2, is another weapon that fans speculate is on the horizon for Apex. But the C.A.R. SMG doesn’t seem as complete in the files as the Volt, according to That1MiningGuy.

With the Iron Crown Collection Event scheduled to begin tomorrow, fans will be waiting to get their hands on new content and, potentially, a new weapon.