Apex Legends’ new Iron Crown Collection Event will feature a fan-requested Solos mode

The limited-time event begins next week.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment teased a new Apex Legends event today, along with the most fan-requested feature since launch: Solos mode.

The Apex Twitter account showcased the Iron Crown Collection Event, which promises new skins and content in mid-August.

In the video, four new skins were teased, as well as the new Solos mode. “Next week, only one can reign,” Respawn said, accompanying the cryptic message with a crown emoji.

The long-awaited surprise of Solos mode, where “only one can wear the crown,” is for a limited time only. Fans are already demanding for the mode to become a permanent staple, which appeals to hardcore players seeking to test their gun skills.

In keeping with the Medieval theme, some of the skins seem to be reminiscent of Game of Thrones. Bloodhound’s new skin has the Technological Tracker donning golden chain mail with feathers sticking out of the helmet.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

On either side of Bloodhound, we get a quick glimpse of new skins for Mirage and Lifeline before they disappear in a spark of electricity. Mirage’s bright red jacket and eye patch make it look like the trickster has turned into a pirate. Lifeline appears to be wearing a mask with gold armor glittering her body.

The new content continues with a cosmetic for Bangalore. The white-linked hologram covering her armor is also reminiscent of chain mail.

Apex’s Iron Crown Collection Event will take place from Aug. 13 to 27.