Today’s Apex Legends teaser involves another break-in at the Hammond Robotics facility

Could Revenant be involved?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Revenant must really not like Hammond Robotics.

The Apex Legends Twitter is continuing the season four teases today with another reported break-in at Hammond’s temporary facility in Talos “in the early hours of the morning.” This news comes a day after the unfortunate events that took place during the Outlands TV interview yesterday, resulting in the “death” of James “The Forge” McCormick.

The break-in is the fifth over the last month, likely at the hands of upcoming legend Revenant. It’s unclear what the mysterious assailant’s motives are, but he definitely has it out for Hammond Robotics.

The opening of a new Hammond facility in Solace was “put on hold” on Jan. 25 after a break-in caused “millions of dollars in damage.” And some savvy fans noticed an open grate near the Sorting Factory earlier this morning, which is likely how Revenant was able to sneak in and murder Forge uncontested.

Though Hammond and the Syndicate declined to comment on the break-ins, Outlands TV released a statement asking for any information on the identity or whereabouts of the assailant.

Respawn appears to be expanding Revenant’s lore heavily, changing the Apex Twitter account’s name to “Outlands Television” and releasing a series of tweets on the break-ins and murder of Forge. While fans initially expected Forge to be the new character participating in the Apex Games for season four, that went out the window after his alleged death. But some fans believe an impostor took Forge’s place for the interview and that he’s still alive. 

With season four kicking off on Feb. 4, the upcoming legend is anybody’s guess.