The latest chapter in Apex Legends’ quest introduces antagonist Creighton Sawtelle and the planet Salvo

The most unfortunate name in the Frontier.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The latest chapter of Apex Legends‘ season quest introduced the antagonist behind the bombing at the museum. Creighton Sawtelle is a wannabe galactic overlord who wants to take over Psamathe from the Mercenary Syndicate—and his appearance could offer more information about the future of Apex.

Sawtelle wants to take over the Outlands and is in dire confrontation with the Mercenary Syndicate, the organization behind the Apex Games. He wants Cherisse Che, Lifeline’s mother, to deliver a message to the Syndicate: “They can have Salvo. I want Psamathe.”

Salvo recently joined Syndicate space, which means that it could be facing the fragile peace that comes with a power transition. Sawtelle’s vendetta against the Syndicate could be a product of the new administration or just another means to his plans of taking over the entire Frontier.

Although Salvo may seem like a new addition to the Apex universe, Respawn mentioned it briefly in a canon artwork of Wattson’s room. A message on her desk contains a memo from Syndicate PR director Jacob Young, which says that Salvo would become the seventh planet to join the organization after talks with a new administration.

Sawtelle also appears indirectly in the battle pass. His sibling Chico brings “the latest Apex gossip” about Mirage, Rampart, and Wraith in the level 55 loading screen. A small digression in Chico’s storytelling is a clear nod to Creighton: “Sorry, but I prefer the black sheeps of the family instead. Which reminds me: if you’re reading this, Cray, Mom is worried sick! Turn yourself in!”

Family Portrait still has two more story chapters to go before it ends, which means that players can look forward to more developments.