Respawn shares Easter egg-filled image of Wattson’s room with hints to Gibraltar and Horizon

The image also included a plethora of references to other legends and Wattson's cat, Nikola.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ lore contains a series of subtle hints and Easter eggs—and a new image bundles a bunch of them together.

Respawn shared a canon image of Wattson’s room today, complete with hints and callbacks to several legends, including the newest competitor, Horizon, who will join the Games in season seven. The treasure trove contains important bits of lore, such as details about Wattson’s friendship with Crypto, Horizon, and a possible new area.

Gibraltar’s letter

The first major piece of lore is a letter from Gibraltar, which harks back to the end of the season five quest. Gibraltar reveals that Caustic betrayed Loba and set up Crypto to take the fall—and according to him, the choice wasn’t an accident.

“I don’t know what’s going on in Caustic’s head, but he has it out for the kid,” Gibraltar writes. “Now, I’ll be honest—I think it has something to do with you.”

In the quest, Caustic informed Revenant of Loba’s plans to stop her from digging into his past. He also pinned the blame on Crypto to destroy his growing friendship with Wattson since the scientist believed that Wattson’s work was too important.

“Crypto’s influence on her had to be stopped, so that she may continue on her path to greatness. A loss of her life would be a loss for science itself,” Caustic confesses in the quest.

The letter could point out a change in Wattson’s demeanor toward Crypto in the coming seasons—a change that could also manifest in-game. Wattson’s voice lines are considerably drier when directed at Crypto or Caustic after the events of the season five quest.


Gibraltar’s correspondence is far from the only Easter egg in the picture. There are a handful of references to Apex characters, even the ones that aren’t in the game yet. Wattson’s e-reader is located below some pieces of fan art (designed by community artists) and its contents are familiar.

“Therefore, we hypothesize that matter arrested [illegible] ergosphere represents a powerful potential energy source [ilegible] Outlands worlds,” the paper reads. “We further hypothesize that it can be utilized with greater efficiency than existing commercial energy sources.”

The article is signed by a Dr. M. Somers—a clear reference to Horizon, the upcoming season seven legend. Horizon left Olympus in search of a solution to the energy crisis and she found it in the form of a resource called Branthium.


A memo from Syndicate PR director Jacob Young is right next to Horizon’s research paper and it might herald a new place in the Apex universe. The Syndicate has taken over a planet called Salvo that resisted the organization’s initial advances.

It’s unclear what Salvo may mean to the future of Apex so far, but the location might reappear in the lore in one way or another. Even if players never set foot on Salvo, however, the memo reveals that the Syndicate is ruthlessly expanding its influence in the Frontier and spreading to a host of other planets.

Minor Easter eggs

Although Wattson’s desk is filled with major hints and Easter eggs, it also contains a series of minor references to a series of other legends—and, of course, her father.

Wattson has framed pictures with Wraith, one of her closest friends, and what looks like a Karambit knife also marked “quieto,” both clear references to Apex‘s interdimensional skirmisher. The origin of the knife is still unknown, but it could be a friendship present from Wraith to keep her safe.

Mirage has two references, both involving food. It’s hard to miss the Bamboozles cereal in the right corner of the image, but there’s another reference in the pizza menu on the desk. One of the pizzas is called the Elliott’s Fave and contains pepperoncini and pineapple—ingredients that Mirage loves, according to another canon comic.

Lifeline makes an appearance as a returning member of her music group, the Flyer Liars, on a poster to the right of the image. The medic invites Wattson to a concert in the Paradise Lounge and offers to get her some earplugs to avoid sensory overstimulation.

Despite the bitter ending (so far) between Wattson and Crypto, one of the items on her desk is a direct reference to the hacker. A bookmark with Crypto’s logo is present in a book called “The Science of Effective Communication.”

Wattson’s father, Luc, is present in his own way. She has a framed photo with her father on the desk and his final letter to her is presumably hung on a corkboard on the right side of the image.

The writers in Apex customarily hide Easter eggs and bits of lore in the game. The max-level battle pass skins from season four onward contain Rampart’s symbol, even though the gunsmith only made her way to the Apex universe in season six—a subtle hint at what was to come.

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