Revenant seemingly killed 3 Hammond Robotics employees in Apex’s latest teaser

The legend is loose.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Hammond Robotics has been the target of a series of break-ins in Apex Legends. Players suspect that Revenant is behind the ordeal, and he may have just killed three of Hammond Robotics’ employees.

The employees mysteriously “failed to show for work” after the break-ins compromised personal information on the company. The teaser was shared in the form of a broadcast announcement from Apex’s official Twitter network, temporarily named “Outlands TV.”

“New details are emerging as 3 Hammond Robotics employees failed to show for work today,” the teaser said. “While little is known about the presumed missing employees, the same (now corrupted) data file was found at all 3 scenes.”

The file is linked in the tweet and shows a robotic hand posed in multiple positions. Its fingers appear to be flexible and in an angle close to 180 degrees. The hand apparently belongs to Revenant, the robotic legend expected to join the Apex Games.

This isn’t Revenant’s first assault on Hammond Robotics. The character is responsible for the gruesome murder of Hyperfighting Federation champion Jimmie “Forge” McCormick, who was sponsored by the corporation. The character was officially announced as the season four legend before being brutally killed off in an animated short.

Previous teasers revealed a new break-in into the Hammond Robotics facility outside of World’s Edge. The invasion was the latest in a series of five, and the perpetrator stole confidential information on more than 300 company employees. Revenant is using this information to go on a rampage, and it could have repercussions for the Apex universe.

Respawn constantly released teasers for Apex’s upcoming season, called Assimilation. The season makes its official debut on Feb. 4, but until then, players can expect more developments. As writer Tom Casiello put it, “the story’s just getting started.”