Apex Legends teaser suggests there’s a vendetta against Hammond Robotics

Another teaser elaborated on the break-in at the fictional company’s facility.

Image via That1MiningGuy/EA Games

The run-up to Apex Legends’ fourth season is drenched in mystery, treachery, and a serious amount of teasers.

Apex’s official Twitter account reported a series of break-ins at a facility owned by fictional company Hammond Robotics earlier today. The enterprise suffered five break-ins in the past month, and according to a new announcement, whoever did it stole classified data on hundreds of employees.

The latest teaser takes the form of a classified email from Hammond Robotics to its employees about the series of break-ins the company suffered over the past few weeks.

“Late last night, a break-in occurred in the temporary Talos offices, just outside of the World’s Edge arena of the Apex Games,” the email reads. A reconnaissance team “found that the Human Resources network had been breached,” and the stolen files “contained the addresses of nearly three hundred mid-to-entry level employees.”

Revenant is likely at the center of this series of break-ins. The mysterious, stealthy character is responsible for assassinating Jimmie “Forge” McCormick, the next legend set to join the Apex Games. Forge was sponsored by Hammond Robotics and the systematic assaults on the company’s facilities could indicate that Revenant is out for blood.

The latest break-in happened at a Hammond Robotics facility close to World’s Edge and its site could herald the addition of a new character to the arena. It’s unlikely that the location of the facility, in close proximity to the arena, would be just a coincidence.

Another important aspect of the email is the confirmation that Hammond will “begin the Harvest.” Apex’s first season four map teaser was a cluster of lights and players speculated they could belong to a Harvester, a spaceship used to extract materials and minerals in Titanfall. Fans also reported that the lights are moving closer.

The theory that a Harvester will land in World’s Edge could be reinforced by a picture found on EA’s website. The image is a full-body shot of Revenant with World’s Edge in the background. Players can spot a colossal structure close to the buildings and players speculated it could depict the Harvester.

The company is supposed to play a bigger role during season four. Game designer Jason McCord shared that Hammond Robotics “might have something to do” with the upcoming changes to the map.

It’s likely that the company’s extraction activities in the arena will alter World’s Edge’s topography. If Hammond has a prominent role in the next season, and if Revenant wants to take down the company, it’s safe to say that the legend will also play an integral role in the next few months.

Apex’s fourth season, Assimilation, is scheduled to go live on Feb. 4, the game’s one-year anniversary. But players likely won’t have to wait that long to learn more. Respawn is barraging fans with new teasers and writer Tom Casiello teased that the story was “just getting started.”