Respawn to give out free ‘You are Jumpmaster’ charm for watching EA Play Live

The show kicks off today at 12pm CT.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players can get their hands on the new, limited-time “You are Jumpmaster” gun charm just by watching today’s EA Play Live broadcast with a linked Twitch account, according to a tweet from the official Apex account. The conference kicks off at 12pm CT, but it’s unclear at what time the Apex segment will take place.

Respawn Entertainment and EA Games will debut the season 10 launch trailer during the event, which is plenty of reason to tune into the broadcast. Fans who are watching, however, shouldn’t forget to log in to their Twitch accounts and link them with their EA accounts to get the exclusive prize. It’s unclear if there are time requirements to obtain the item, however.

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For Apex fans, the Emergence launch trailer will likely be the highlight of the conference. The cinematic should give a first look at Seer in the Apex Games, including a little bit of the legend’s personality and a possible glimpse at his skills. Based on the in-game teasers so far, there’s bound to be a catastrophe coming to World’s Edge, too, as part of the season’s map update.

Hammond Robotics has been overcharging the Planet Harvester and causing “serious tectonic activity” in several spots. Another teaser hinted at changes to Train Yard, Sorting Factory, and Refinery, so these areas could get a whole new look by next season.

The thumbnail for the season 10 launch trailer, displayed in an official tweet, also appears to show Bloodhound kneeling and their helmet on the ground. This indicates a possible major story development with the destruction of World’s Edge, similar to how Loba’s entrance in season five took out Skull Town and the Thunderdome and played a role in the storyline.