Latest Apex teaser hints at changes to Sorting Factory, Train Yard, and Refinery

As long as we get the blue skybox back.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The latest Apex Legends teaser unveiled drastic changes to World’s Edge. A message released today showed that “catastrophe’s coming” to the surface of Talos—and pinpointed exactly where disaster may strike.

The computers in Hammond facilities on World’s Edge started showing a “Critical Failure” message and the monitors displayed three different zones of increased activity. Data miner Shrugtal provided a better look at the texture and the affected areas appear to be Train Yard, Sorting Factory, and Refinery. Respawn may also change more areas in the upcoming season, including the Harvester itself.

The top picture shows a hotbed of activity near Train Yard, judging by its proximity to the Planet Harvester and Countdown based on the aerial view. A previous teaser already hinted at changes to Train Yard.

The second zone is clearly Sorting Factory since the aerial view shows the Harvester, the Tree, Launch Site, and the end of the Dome. The third location is also easy to spot from above. The view shows Refinery, in the proximity of Overlook and the Epicenter.

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In addition to the ominous warnings, today’s teaser comes with another message from Bilal. “They’re purging the evidence…Catastrophe’s coming…” the message reads. “Harder to cover up when this planet cracks apart…I—I gotta get out of here…” The log reinforces the other two messages, which show that World’s Edge is crumbling due to the Planet Harvester’s increased activity.

Respawn revealed that World’s Edge will be getting a map update on the official season 10 page but hasn’t given any major details yet. The teaser, however, seems to point toward certain parts of the map being altered. Respawn also showed a glimpse at what’s coming next season, including the Rampage LMG and the new legend Seer.